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Our Services

Total Data Centre Services people are the renowned specialist in their field. With reputations and skills that transcend disciplines


UPS and Power Management

Total Data Centre Services can design, install and maintain your critical power infrastructure, specialist in electrical topology and with an in depth understanding of data centre and critical infrastructure requirements, Total DC have the expertise from the power generation to rack distribution, including Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), back-up generation, battery storage, automatic switching and programming. Not only can Total Data Centre Services ensure your critical infrastructure remains powered, Total DC can also ensure it is monitored and metered to ensure correct billing and usage.


Precision Cooling and Thermal Management

Total Data Centre Services has the experience and expertise to design, install and maintain your critical infrastructures thermal demands. Professionally designed and installed best in field cooling technology whether in row, perimeter under floor or overhead, coupled with thermal containment to separate hot and cold aisles, customised to suit any installation, Total Data Centre Services can align your environment with your critical equipment.

Air Con

Structured and Communication Cabling

A very important component of a data centre and often the most overlooked, a well designed and installed inter-rack structured cabling system can save time, money and prevent air flow restrictions from bad cabling and patching practises. Total Data Centre Services have the expertise to design, supply and install your copper and fibre requirements.


Server Racks & IT Infrastructure

Total Data Centre Services maintain a vendor neutral stance, meaning we can design and deliver a perfect solution to any requirement. All vendors manufacture their equipment differently, with each component offering benefits, the skilled specialists at Total Data Centre Services will design a custom tailored solution to your requirements and budget.

Server Racks
Electrical Construction Plans

Maintenance and Services

  • UPS and battery maintenance – Total Data Centre Services will maintain your UPS and battery system to give you the confidence that the system will work when need calls for it. This security in your power system provides faith in your 24/7 operation.

  • Precision cooling maintenance – Total Data Centre Services will maintain your critical cooling infrastructure, preventative maintenance and service ensures your data centre is environmentally maintained at its optimal conditions. Preventative maintenance on critical cooling systems provides an overview of your systems health and allows for pro-active rectification.

  • Auditing – Total Data Centre Services can audit your existing infrastructure and provide a comprehensive report containing weaknesses of your system and data centre. An in depth audit can provide you with a clear picture of the current status of your infrastructure. With this information a plan can be developed to remove any single point of failures and weaknesses in the system.

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