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The New Standard
In Critical Infrastructure Partnerships

We are bringing everything required to:

Design, Build & Maintain Data Centres & Critical Environments

Mission critical technology infrastructure for Australia’s leading businesses.

Operating as a full turnkey company, Total Data Centre Services specialise in the design, installation, integration and commissioning of critical infrastructure  and excel in providing end-to-end management of critical assets spanning all critical infrastructure sectors within the data centre space and associated industries.

Structured and Communication Cabling

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Precision Cooling and Thermal Management

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From conception and design through to implementation and then continual rostered maintenance.

Total Data Centre Services people are the renowned specialist in their field. With reputations and skills that transcend disciplines, Total Data Centre Services pride themselves on the fact that no obstacle is immovable. A forward-thinking and proactive team, we look forward to any challenge you can put in front of us. From technician to director, Total Data Centre Services empower their staff to be honest, open and to think outside of the box to provide the correct solution for our clients.



Optimum Outcomes

Drawing on extensive knowledge of the operations and risks involved in complex IT data centres, Total Data Centre Services provide fast, cost-effective, solutions by combining innovative design, technological initiatives, technical expertise and advanced project management.

From conception and design through to implementation and then continual rostered maintenance, Total Data Centre Services work collaboratively and strategically with clients to ensure every service undertaken achieves the optimum outcome.

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